SBS Transit owns 75% of the scheduled bus market share in Singapore with 250 bus services and has a total fleet of close to 3,000 buses. 97% of our buses are air-conditioned.

Types of bus services provided include trunk services, feeder services, Express services as well as special bus services like Premium, Nite Owl, Chinatown Direct, Fast Forward, Stadium Direct and Parks.
Short trips are short haul supplementary trips which cater to high demand sectors instead of the entire route of a service.
To make it easier for commuters to differentiate the short trips from the normal trips, SBS Transit has added a suffix to the service number, eg 51A for the short working trip of Service 51. While Service 51 travels the full route from Jurong East Interchange to Hougang Central Interchange, Service 51A will ply between Jurong East Interchange and Pandan Gardens.
For services with more than one short trip along its route, it will be differentiated by the next alphabet B, eg Service 14A and 14B cover different sectors along the normal route of Service 14.
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