Taste Paradise

The latest addition to the expanding portfolio of the Paradise Group, Taste Paradise at ION Orchard is a flagship restaurant made for such an iconic location.

ION Orchard attracting local, regional and international attention needs a food and beverage partner that embraces the challenge of catering to a wide range of expectations and one that would fly the Singapore flag high and Taste Paradise @ ION steps up to the plate.
The double-boiled shark’s fin in traditional Beijing broth served in a Japanese stone pot accompanied by a bacon-onion roll was one of the restaurant’s specialities and created to be a best-seller from the beginning.
With the quality of ingredients and a serving vessel that would keep the soup hot for 20 min, ensures the last sip remains as delicious as the first.
There is also a selection of live seafood such as Australian lobster and oyster that patrons can have sashimi style, baked in superior stock and for a different experience, baked with cheese.