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Seven On Club

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Seven On Club, the latest restaurant on Club Street, bills itself as a modern Mediterranean restaurant cum churrasco. It takes over the premises vacated by Windows On Club Street, which also featured a Brazilian churrasco.

Comparisons are inevitable, and while Seven On Club is a very different restaurant from Windows, this is by no means a disadvantage. The new restaurant is a partnership between veteran chef Jason Lee and Brazil Churrascaria at Sixth Avenue - together, they have over 30 years of experience between them. Diners can (and should) expect well-prepared food here.
The food at Seven On Club would not be out of place in a fine-dining establishment. Take the exquisite lobster bisque ($18++, right) for example. This unique soup has two parts - one is perfumed with a heady Pernod cappuccino and the other is a full-flavoured lobster tarragon cream. The bisque is chockfull of flavour, while the Pernod cappuccino and lobster tarragon cream each add a different dimension to the soup.
The homemade pastas are worth trying - particularly the agnolotti ($18++), which is filled with baby spinach and ricotta, and cooked in a mascarpone cream sauce. The baby spinach filling is soft to the bite, and is well matched by the light yet flavourful mascarpone sauce. The portions may not look big, but pasta can be very filling, especially the cream-based ones. The ravioli (18++, main picture) was not bad either, particularly if you like butternut squash. This vegetable has a sweet, nutty flavour reminiscent of pumpkin, and is used as a filling for the ravioli, which is then pan-fried and served with Parma ham chips in a butter and sage sauce. The resulting contrast of sweet and savoury flavours is rather unusual, but well-executed and palatable.
Meat lovers would probably love Seven On Club - the meats that I tried at my recent tasting were all rather appetising. Like the homemade ravioli, the Roasted Yorkshire Pork Rack ($32++) is also a contrast of flavours - sweet prunes accompany the tender, full-flavoured pork, while a serving of lime potato mash adds a refreshing touch. The Roast Rack of Lamb ($39) was fragrant, thanks to the garlic herb crust.
There are a couple of noteworthy desserts at Seven On Club. The almond nougat cassata ($8++) comes with raspberry sauce and prunes marinated in Port wine. I liked the texture of the cassata, which boasts an icy, crumbly texture which quickly melts into a smooth and creamy treat in your mouth. The Port-marinated prunes add a nice touch of heady sweetness.

The Orange Grand Marnier Crème Brulée ($10++) looks nothing like your traditional crème brulée. This deconstructed version sees strips of brulée interspersed by a Valrhona chocolate ganache and crunchy brandy snaps. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is worth a try if you are feeling adventurous.

Of course, one can enjoy Brazil Churrascaria's delicious meats here as well. The meats are the same as those you would enjoy at its Bukit Timah outlet, and are freshly grilled by Brazilian passadors in Seven On Club. If you choose the rodizo option, do note that there are six premium cuts available for lunch, and 12 premium cuts for dinner. My favourite was the chicken, which was wonderfully aromatic and flavourful thanks to the rich marinade of garlic, bay leaves, turmeric, saffron and other herbs and spices. Of course, the grilled pineapple is a must-try - its sweet and slightly tart taste rounds off a churrasco meal nicely and works as a palate cleanser in between the different courses of meats.

If cocktails are your thing, a must-try is the Caipirinha. This refreshing concoction made with cachaça, sugar, and crushed limes is the national drink of Brazil. If you prefer something sweeter, get the Caipiroska which is made with vodka instead of cachaça. Both are potent drinks, so do proceed with caution!

Seven On Club is very much a casual fine-dining establishment, with prices to match. Nevertheless, its pastas and desserts remain affordable for most diners. Those working in the area will also probably appreciate being able to enjoy Brazil Churrascaria's sumptuous meats without having to make the trip to Bukit Timah. There is something for almost everyone here, and its central location should ensure that it has a steady stream of patrons.
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