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Airline capacity said to rise 6% in December

WASHINGTON – An aviation research firm says global airline capacity rose 6 percent in December, as carriers added flights to take advantage of improving travel demand.  

The firm, OAG, said improvement in the global economy was helping boost demand for travel, which grew in all regions of the world except the Americas.

Capacity on flights to and from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe all rose between 11 percent and 13 percent over December 2009, OAG said.

Most European hub airports saw capacity increases, including 13 percent at Berlin Tegal and Copenhagen, 11 percent at Barcelona, and 10 percent at Amsterdam. Capacity shrunk 11 percent in Athens, according to OAG.

Airlines boost capacity by adding flights or using larger planes that carry more passengers. Traffic has been rebounding lately after slowing during the recession.

Many airlines reduced flights during 2008 and 2009, when record-high fuel prices and a recession hit the industry. The reduced supply of airline seats has helped push fares higher this year, contributing to big profits at airlines in the United States and elsewhere.
Updated : 18-12-2010 02:50:31
Source : http://news.yahoo.com
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