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Maxwell Road Food Centre

For visitors who are adventurous enough, a must visit in Chinatown should include those food centres (aka hawkers centre). Chinatown has a few to offer i.e Maxwell Road food Centre.

It is a fun experience to learn about the original style hawkers food which not around on streets any more. The hawker foods are influenced by three main cuisines as the way Singapore are made up from; the Chinese, Indian and Malay. Many visitors are fascinating with the items offering here i.e. noodles with dumplings and roast pork, pork rib soup with rice, BBQ sting ray with sambal sauce, satay, nasi goreng fried noodles in soya sauce with cockles and eggs and many of those finger-food which look yummy and can easily fill you up within no time. First thing first just look around and if you find something you like, order it as simple as that. They are usually good and inexpensive.
Unlike the highly over-rated Newton Food Centre, the Maxwell Road Food Centre offers true value. When I last visited in late October 2008, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the stalls have not raised prices. And they have not cut down on the portions either. This is in spite of all the rising costs we see swirling around us.
The drink stalls, for example, are charging between 10 to 30 cents less than some hawker centres and coffee shops in the outlying areas. But the figures are immaterial. What I'm basically saying is this: in an age of profiteering, there is still a sanctum like the Maxwell Road Food Centre where hawkers over-deliver on the prices they charge.
So these folks have earned my affection. Please patronise their stalls. Make them successful. Let them be the beacons of what's good about Singapore.
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