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Eu Yan Sang Medical Hall

Eu Yan Sang Medical Hall is a Chinese medicine shop in Singapore. It traces its history to a person named Eu Kong Pai @ Eu Kong who started a medical shop in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia in the 1870s. At that time, Gopeng was in the midst of a tin-mining boom.

Eu Kong noticed the harsh living condition of the tin-mining labourers, and used his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to help them. His first Chinese medicine shop was opened in Gopeng in 1879. He called it "Yan Sang", which in Cantonese means "caring for mankind".

The business was taken over by Eu Kong's eldest son, Eu Tong Sen, born in Penang in 1877. Eu Tong Sen rose to become successful in the tin-mining industry. His prospecting for tin led him to Kampar, where he opened his second medicine shop. From tin mining, he also branched into rubber and properties. He also set up Lee Wah Bank, which eventually merged with United Overseas Bank. Eu Tong Sen was one of the richest man in Malaya and Singapore. Eu Tong Sen Street in Singapore is named after him.

Today the Eu Yan Sang medicine shops can be found not only in Malaysia and Singapore but also in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. The main premises of Eu Yan Sang in Singapore is located at South Bridge Road, near to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple.
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